Rush versus the feminine Mafia

12 Mar

Rush versus the feminine Mafia


Promiscuity not contraception should have been the topic the day Sandra Fluke testified before the House Committee on feminine sexual behaviors. Ms. Fluke was concerned that Georgetown Law School’s health insurance does not pay for birth control pharmaceuticals. Appalling, un-American: how could this happen? Reports through the media suggest that Ms. Fluke believes others should pay for her sexual misbehaviors, commonly called promiscuity. Health insurance’s primary reason for being is to inoculate those with a disease or injury from the catastrophic costs that can be incurred under these circumstances. Ms. Fluke and her well-connected managers, which include the President, have the notion that outcomes of immoral acts should be covered under preventative services. Mr. Obama is now on record supporting immorality, as if the American public was not aware of his professional proclivities.  Presently the controversy whether religious institutions should provide services similar to Ms. Fluke’s requests rages on. As she moved through the left wing media theater, Rush Limbaugh provided a level of commentary about her actions and desires that was right on, but he could have  commented  in less ornamental terms. As she distorted her words before the sexual affairs committee her agenda became clear, change the public debate that is presently raging. Women’s rights not religious freedom was the new spin. Institutions whose core values are debased by forcing them to cover contraception wanted no part of Obamacare’s atheistic premises and decrees. Energized by Rush’s verbal harangue concerning Ms. Flukes commentary and sexual inclinations, the liberals began their usual dance to silence the truth. Advertisers with weak stomachs pulled ads from Rush’s radio program. The feminine mafia came out in droves to denigrate Rush, never mentioning the real issues behind the debate. Liberals such as the President, have a clinical obsession that the truth should be drowned out by distortion, spin and misrepresentation. Ms. Fluke was disingenuous when she stated it would cost thousands to contain the product of her sexual urges. In reality a few hundred dollars would have assured her that no baby was on the way. Immorality, indecency and atheism have been brought to new heights under the Obama administration. Rush was correct in his intonations, Ms. Fluke put herself out there for commentary. She just did not like the reflection of herself that others saw on the political stage. Mark Davis, MD. President of Healthnets Review Services and a proud conservative.


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