Maryland State Medical Society: physicians beware

8 Mar

Maryland State Medical Society: physicians beware

Maryland State Medical Society, commonly called MedChi, claims to be an advocacy group for physicians. MedChi has its origins in the late 18th century when Maryland had few physicians and fewer rules of medical practice. 21st Century medical practice has come under the rule of an autocratic government authority embodied in the Maryland Board of Physicians. This politically appointed Board, whose composition is approximately 40% non-physician, has minimal expertise in the very field they are appointed to monitor. Management of this governmental authority is mostly entrusted to lawyers and administrative staff. It was not surprising that the Maryland Legislature finally woke up to the fact that their medical police force needed some policing of its own. In a scathing audit of medical board management the Legislature noted how reckless it carried out its mandates. The Maryland State Medical Society was silent when this report was issued, its remains so today. MedChi claims to represent the needs of 22,000 Maryland physicians, but sources note their paid membership is significantly less than this representation. MedChi’s peer review function was curtailed by state mandate nearly a decade ago. This organization has been quiet on the fraudulent procedures and practices this rogue medical board has imparted to physicians over the last fifteen years. MedChi’s legislative arm must be asleep at the wheel because laws detrimental to their membership are now on the books with the blessing of this association. MedChi’s has a peculiar stench not to dissimilar to the one from the AARP. MedChi sells its membership a wide range of services but fails at its most important mission assertive representation for its membership.  Physicians can now lose their licenses based on the opinion of one physician. Physicians have lost many of their due process rights when confronted with charges against them. Physicians have been targets of selective prosecutions. Yet MedChi, as always, keeps a low profile. As an advocate for physicians they are an enormous failure. They side with the government on most issues even when it is detrimental to their flock. Though they claim to be a nonprofit from a review of their website it appears their only goal is to fatten their wallets through an entire array of services sold to their membership similar to the AARP’s methodologies. Maryland Physicians can do better by forming a new medical society that actually advocates for them. How can a membership trust its association when they turn their heads away from every important issue? Physicians deserve a much better watch dog than the one they have. Perhaps some of you will get the message and move on. For the rest remember one day you too can have a licensing issue and MedChi will give you the proverbial bird. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.


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