Maryland kills traditional marriage

5 Mar


Maryland kills traditional marriage


With the stroke of a pen Governor Martin O’Malley took degeneracy to a new low by signing the Death to Traditional Marriage Act. Four million years of human history, tradition and religion washed away in a few seconds. Behind the Governor a thunderous applause was unleashed with the completion of his desecrating act. Maryland is now among a handful of states officially sanctioning marriage between two individuals of the same gender. Legitimatizing immorality through a government act sends the wrong message to a generation that is already directionless. Kowtowing to an extremely small minority of the population Governor O’Malley believes this will further strengthen his political base and the institution of marriage itself, he is wrong on both accounts. Traditional marriage has been the engine that drives the greatest part of our economy. Homosexual marriage is a façade to placate a politically active minority whose endeavors satiate a selfish deviance plundering morality into further obsolescence. Government should be the last bastion to find objective answers to complex issues. Civil unions would have satisfied the legal needs of those whose personal requirements, for whatever reason, join them to someone of the same sex. Marriage, beyond its legal implications, establishes conformity by which a potential procreating unit brings forth and manages the next generation. Irony comes in many flavors. Those who shout the loudest for homosexual marriage are heterosexuals. Brad Pitt, when asked when he and his copartner Angelina Jolie will marry stated: when everyone else is allowed to marry. This was a shallow answer from someone who loves and cares for a bevy of children. Hollywood pushes the gay theme across our screens until you want to vomit. A recent movie called “Paul” about an extraterrestrial stranded on our world makes several references to his bisexuality. Educational institutions are under assault to teach impressionable minds that normalcy is not normal anymore. Gay is in and the rest of us can go to hell. Governor O’Malley and the misguided souls in the Maryland Legislature should be forgiven because they are unable to see the ramifications of their acts. Their problem is: how will God judge them for changing the rule book that he wrote so long ago. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy, which explains why lawyers like Governor O’Malley should never be placed in positions of authority.


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