Obama is right at the wrong time

29 Feb

Obama is right at the wrong time

America’s energy needs continue to expand at an exponential rate. As time moves into the future fossil fuels will fail to sustain an energy thirsty nation. Obama’s push to replace oil and gas as America’s prime source of energy is premature. Steven Chu, Obama’s Nobel winning Energy Secretary, has misguided thoughts concerning our present energy requirements and the means to achieve them. Some people should stay in the lab. Dr. Chu believes America should be treated like a laboratory utilizing billions in taxpayer dollars in a search for alternative energy sources. Under Chu’s guidance with Obama’s blessings billions have been dumped into an energy cesspool from which no one but a few friends of Obama have benefitted. Chu’s guidance of American energy policy will not earn him another Nobel award. At this point in time, Chu should leave by the backdoor because the mobs are getting angry watching gasoline prices soar. Alternative energy is not ready for prime time. In fifty years or less hydrogen cells will become viable to fuel our personal vehicles, allowing them to travel hundreds of miles at highway speeds without a charge or replacement. Wind energy will be a mainstay of small to medium cities as the algorithm for its use is worked out. Solar power will finally reach a maturity in the next forty years providing nearly unlimited energy for a starving World. Algae production to create biofuels is in its infancy and could be online by the 22nd century. Obama is right at the wrong time. Alternative energies are the way of the future, but not for this generation. President Obama along with Dr. Chu and an army of lawyers are blocking energy production whenever and wherever possible. It is imperative that America become independent from those who control oil flow in the Middle East. Obama and his minions believe elevated oil and gas prices will force people to use public transportation, purchase electric cars and panel their homes with solar equipment, he is wrong. Mr. President the technology you seek is way down the road, be sensible and allow America to gain from its God given resources. Fire Steven Chu, his incompetence as Energy Secretary is profound. Close down the Energy Department it absorbs billions and produces nothing. Approve the Keystone pipeline system, allow Gulf drilling, increase oil drilling permits, allow exploration for gas, expand oil refinery capacity and most of all get out of the private sector’s way. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and President of Healthnets Review Services. platomd@gmail.com


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