Iran plays by its own rules

24 Feb

Iran plays by its own rules


Tyranny has no walls, floors or boundaries. It is a process that engulfs the weak and strong alike. The world has known it from the beginning of human civilization and its ugly face has not been purged from society even in the 21st century. Recent events in the Middle East should have given men of conscience pause to reevaluate their approach to this simmering cauldron. Standard economic sanctions against tyrants and theocratic demagogues delays the inevitable as people die by their hands. Crazed individuals fraught with hate for other cultures will not play the game by civilized rules and neither should we. A nuclear exchange would kill hundreds of millions immediately with tens of millions more dying within weeks of the catastrophe. It appears that Iran wants a nuclear device and a means to deliver it. Daily, they tease the world about their progress and intentions. Perhaps demonic forces are not in play influencing the worst of humanity but it seems that way. Obama’s reticence to act against the Iranian regime is a continual reminder of how timid and undeserving he is of the title Commander-in-Chief. His pathetic inability to make hard decisions will be noted by historians in the coming years. Presently, playing diplomatic games will not stop the approaching war. The Iranian regime, not its general population, must be taken to task concerning their obvious intent to develop a nuclear weapon and use it on population centers that do not fit in with their convoluted religious doctrines. Their nuclear facilities need to be accurately identified, located and destroyed, there is no other recourse. Its regime needs to be dismantled quickly and thoroughly. Many nations, not only Israel, are at risk from Iran’s evolving weaponry. Hints that contingency plans are in place to resolve Iran’s defiance against world demands are comforting, yet more needs to be done. Perhaps the president can take some of his precious campaigning time and assert himself, it is long overdue. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.


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