Maryland Board of Physicians war on the diet drug Phentermine

22 Feb

Maryland Board of Physicians war on the diet drug Phentermine


Millions of dieters have used the drug Phentermine to help them reduce weight. Originally approved in 1959, Phentermine was initially prescribed for intervals not to exceed three months. As the decades passed Physicians found that the drug worked for much long than the initially prescribed period and began utilizing it for extended periods of time. Low dose Phentermine is also used for maintenance of weight. The gamut of Maryland’s society has successfully taken this medication. In this physician’s former practice an array of governmental officials benefitted from Phentermine including but not limited to a mayor, judges, current state legislators, lawyers, state troopers and more. Outside the government realm celebrities, sports icons, industrial leaders and most of all people without designations all have been the beneficiaries of this drug by this author’s hands. Physicians immediately screen out those who can potentially become ill from this medication and scrutinize patients carefully for side effects. Along comes the Maryland Board of Physicians, who are completely uninitiated in the field of Bariatrics, attempting to regulate this drug out of existence. Worse, this administrative entity engages physicians who know even less about Phentermine than themselves to review those of us who have expertise in this area of practice. This author wrote a diet book, the Millenium Diet, that went viral on the net and is now used on 4 continents. Maryland Board of Physicians and it legal attack dogs have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep this physician from prescribing Phentermine. Utilizing fake standards of care, false charting issues, hired guns untrained in the very field they are reviewing and other techniques pursued this physician in Maryland courts that are friendly to them and went for the kill. Apparently this type of attack is selective. Recently a number of people including physicians have come forward to inform this author that a politically active member of the medical profession has established more than a half dozen offices to provide diet pills to the community. The initiating physicals in many cases are not performed by licensed physicians. More egregious, according to sources, the diet pills are not dispensed by licensed physicians, they are not dispensed through pharmacy techs or pharmacists instead class four narcotic diet pills are given out by para-medical personnel unsupervised by a physician. Do these para-medical personnel have drug dispensing licenses? Do these para-medical types have appropriate training in the dispensing of these potentially harmful pharmaceuticals? Do these para-medical types have state and federal drug licenses? Can these individuals perform adequate cardiac and pulmonary exams to screen out those who may be hurt by this drug? Are these offices pill mills to satiate the addiction community? Why does the Maryland Board of Physicians hold this type of physician to one set of standards and physicians, such as this author, to another set of standards. In this case, my medical license was revoked based on false charges and friendly courts. The Maryland Board of Physicians has a selective prosecution process, no doubt. Unsupervised by onsite licensed physicians, diet pill mills are being established throughout Maryland by a politically active doctor untouched by the medical board or its legal counterpart in the Attorney General’s Office.  The Maryland Legislature should take a very hard look at the medical board’s structure because it now enables clinics to dispense diet pills without physician oversight, yet it hits hard those of us who dispensed them correctly and honestly. In the event a legislator wants proof of these words, I am right here. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services.


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