Romney guarantees an Obama victory

20 Feb

Romney guarantees an Obama victory

Romney has not portrayed himself as a man of the people. His detached lifestyle does not resonate well with a majority of potential voters on the right. Recently asked why he hides his money in the Cayman Islands, his stump speech answer “the blind trust” controls his funds. When asked to reveal his taxes, his donations to Uncle Sam and charities suddenly skyrocketed prior to their release.  On global warming, he is ambivalent on the subject. Romneycare is represented as a program residents of the Bay State were enthused by, a profound lie. A trail of misrepresentations and uncertainties follow Romney wherever he goes. In Michigan he was less than welcome because of his stance against the auto bailout. In Florida he spent tens of millions to character assassinate Newt Gingwich causing the winds to shift in his direction. Rick Santorum is now under siege by Romney’s financial hammer to win his home state of Michigan. Romney’s destroy at all costs approach to his opponents is having a paradoxical effect, people see him for whom he really is, a shallow candidate with many flaws. Fox and other networks lauded him in the last month, yet the public has many doubts about a man who could be an Obama clone. The White House is drawling over the present infighting in the Republican Party, they only have to stir the pot. November’s election is crucial, Iran is on move and we are not. America does not need another inept leader who Monday morning quarterbacks national and international policies. Dark days are ahead in the event we do not elect a strong leader who has an iron will to act against aggressive behavior aimed at us and our allies such as Israel. The next war could be the last war. America needs someone with the inner strength and foresight to make the World aware that America is back, don’t screw with us. Romney is far from that person. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy, the book Obama would hate.


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