Millenium Diet: Why it is popular

2 Feb

Millenium Diet: Why it is popular


One hundred fifty million Americans have crossed the threshold into the overweight zone. Many are so heavy they waddle as they move across the pavement. These people ingest two, three even four times the amount of food required to maintain their life forces. Yet, they keep eating and eating and eating. With no offense to the fast food industry, these establishments have made it easier to fatten your backside and front in an economically sound manner. Have a triple hamburger with four pieces of cheese.  Add a large fries dipped in oil and covered by a half pound of salt. Wash is down with 32 ounces of Coke. Still hungry there is always a delicious milk shake or other sugared goody to complete the meal. Do you get the picture? We are killing ourselves and enjoying the ride. Enter the Millenium Diet. A diet regimen that moves far away from fast foods and repairs what is usually self-induced. Sky high cholesterol levels fall to Earth quickly. Blood sugar returns from the stratosphere, triglycerides find their correct  place once more and weight starts falling off your frame that you cannot believe. This high protein low carb restricted calorie regimen is logically formatted to maximize results. Tens of thousands of words have been expended on the net describing this program in detail and how it overtakes any commercial or celebrity diet program for economics, rapidity of weight loss and other health benefits. With few exceptions obesity is self-induced and its effects are filling hospital beds and morgues at an alarming rate. Reverse the effects of this savage disease, use the Millenium Diet embedded in the Book: The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide For Rapid Weight Loss.  Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Review Services.  


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