Maryland tax increases: unwise, unsatisfactory and unfortunate

1 Feb

Maryland tax increases: unwise, unsatisfactory and unfortunate


Maryland is a conservative’s greatest nightmare. Strip away reason, sensibility and rationality the remainder constitutes the mind of a Maryland politician. Liberal to the core and susceptible to the most superficial temptations these meager minds have once again proven that their reality is not ours. Proposed gasoline tax increases stacked on already high energy taxes does not bode well for the poor and middle class. Governor O’Malley fails to realize that his energy tax proposal at the gas pump is a double tax. Commercial entities will simply pass on the excess assessments onto those who can least afford them. Today’s state of the state message is not as rosy as the governor would have us believe. Maryland sits at the bottom third when those in the know discuss business friendly environments. O’Malley’s liberal mentality brings more suffering to those who already bear the brunt of this recession’s harsh punishment. Taxes should decrease to spur more investment in the state. Why care about investments when O’Malley’s mentor Obama is lavishing billions on the state for simply complying with his deleterious mandates. Maryland has been lost in the woods for a long time. Few can argue that the state has seen better days. O’Malley refuses to make the hard decisions that his official position requires, cut the budget by a third. The stench of waste and government fraud permeates the air around Annapolis and beyond. Higher taxes, along with other increases in government levies recently announced, trample on productivity and hurt those who have the least. Thankfully Maryland has term limits, but knowing the state electorate O’Malley’s clone will simply take his place. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy. President of Healthnets Review Services.


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