Romney: the default candidate

16 Jan

Romney: the default candidate


History is on a collision course with 21st century reality. Spin, misrepresentation and prevarication take a front seat to the truth in the new millennia. Romney did not win Iowa by a landslide or take New Hampshire by storm. Media verbiage has been constructed to place Romney as the frontrunner when the race has barely started. Recent announcements that the Bay State’s former governor will be the peoples’ choice at the Republican convention is ludicrous at this time. Many doubts have surfaced concerning Romney’s credibility and stance on current issues. His timidity shines through the false polish his lackeys have instilled into him. Bain Capital, Romney’s financial vehicle to riches, was bane to thousands who lost their jobs under his tutelage. Listening to recent comments on Fox, Romney’s entire background has been revised. His new angelic persona is directly contradicted by historical fact. Deified as the man to look for as the Republicans best chance to regain the White House, does not say much for this party. Conservatives see him as moderate who stratifies his statements dependent upon the crowd he finds himself. The establishment sees one Romney and the working stiffs see the chameleon he really is. Americans are being misled into thinking Mitt Romney is the cure-all for the many evils presently plaguing this country. They may find he is part of the problem, not the solution Fox and other media sources are leading us to believe. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy,


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