John Edwards fall from grace

14 Jan

John Edwards fall from grace

Long before John Edwards’ indiscretions became public I reported his indecencies in the Book Demons of Democracy. As a former malpractice lawyer Edwards stuck it to the medical profession as much as he could. Tens of millions of dollars in fees went his way for tearing apart the medical community in North Carolina. Thanks to Edwards it became financially untenable to practice in certain areas of the state, therefore many counties went lacking for specialists. Hospitals and local health centers had to refer patients to other areas of the state to provide these services. Stalking physicians was not sufficient to satisfy his thirst for money, he established bogus legal instruments that funneled money to his own pocket instead of those it was intended. In the last few days reports surfaced that he has a cardiac condition that will prevent his fraud trial from proceeding. This threatening illness, so far undefined, was revealed by two of Edwards’ cardiologists in their letter to the judge. Ironic that the profession he screwed the most is providing excuses for this bum, preventing him from receiving the justice he deserves. Of course the lawyers and judges are on the same page as him, to suspend all hearings until Edwards recuperates. Do not be surprised if Edwards’ case is repeatedly delayed, perhaps indefinitely. Edwards heavily supported Obama’s health initiative.  Remarkably he seeks care medical care in places that Obamacare would have disallowed. Mrs. Edwards’ succumbed to cancer. Prior to her death she extolled the virtues of socialized medicine, as she ran to Massachusetts General for life saving treatments. Like her husband,  hypocrisy ran deeply through her veins. Death does not mean you are suddenly deified as angelic. Two lawyers who benefited off the backs of others work, one dead and the other on the way there, divine justice or something worse.  Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy.


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