Ten Reasons to stay fat

12 Jan

America’s Obesity olympics has started for the new year. Who will be the biggest this year is on everyones minds. Being fat has its advantages, perhaps that is the reason more than half the population of America tips the scales in that direction. The following ten reasons for being obese may be the most obvious. In the event you have more please add them.

1) You don’t have to date much because no one wants to be seen with you.

2) Employers tend not to hire the obese, so you can sit home and collect a check from Uncle Sam.

3) You can file all the lawsuits you want for discrimination.

4) You can eat anything you want and nobody will care.

5) You get to hang out with all the big people.

6) You get two seats and sometimes three on certain flights.

7) You can wear the same clothes over and over again because their are so few pieces that fit you.

8) You have an entire lifetime to claim everyone hates you because of your weight.

9) Government coffers will open up to you because you can claim your obesity is a chronic illness.

10) Enjoy your life now, obesity kills early

Mark Davis, MD author of the very popular Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide For Rapid Weight Loss.


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