Republicans lose in 2012

20 Dec

Republicans lose in 2012

Republican hierarchy is pushing the wrong candidate against Obama that guarantees a democrat win in 2012. There exists a plethora of suspicions about Romney that the conservative media cannot quell with spin or other devices at their disposal. When Newt Gingrich surged passed the other candidates, the Republican machinery went into full force to denigrate him from every angle possible. From nuanced media rip to outright lies they have spared no expense to bring him down. Resilient, flexible and intellectually sound Speaker Gingrich has much more to offer the American public than a former governor who abandoned ship when he was most needed. Romney moved out of the house when his massive health legislation came on board. His representations of Romneycare are factually inaccurate when he discusses its virtues and vices. His mind is hampered by a legal education that diminishes his perspective on the current conditions in the country. Newt Gingrich perseveres through the quagmire placed before him because he is a seasoned politician that sees the bigger picture. His breadth and depth of knowledge of history and politics markedly transcends his opponents when he is put to the task of debating them. Behind the scenes manipulations have occurred on a grand scale in the media to push their favored candidate. Rush Limbaugh is now singing the praises of Romney. Fox network has gone out its way to move Gingrich outside the center of attention and move Romney in. A cavalcade of conservative voices is attempting to ordain Romney as the nominee. Many of us in the conservative movement have our reservations about this man, whose personal baggage surmounts that of the former Speaker. For some intangible reason those who hold a legal degree have an inability to understand the intricacies of government functions and how to use them most efficiently. Romney will fall short in any debate with the present Commander-in-chief, Gingrich will unravel the true Obama when they go head to head. Romney is the wrong candidate at the wrong time who will lead the Republican Party to defeat in 2012. Listen to your own conscience not the of the overpaid media hogs who wail in unison when they are given the word. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy, the book Obama would prefer you didn’t read.


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