Romney: wrong politician wrong time

19 Dec

Romney: wrong politician wrong time

Rehearsed, polished and visually respectable, Romney is the cookbook politician that is similar to our present reigning monarch. America’s Chief Executive needs to be erudite, insightful and experienced in the ways and mannerisms of a political insider, yet completely open to change when it is required. Romney craftily answers questions with statements that skillfully avoid their intent. Over the course of more than a dozen debates, an evolution has taken place in his cognition, whose nuances have grown into mega changes in his mentation. Obamacare was initially waived away in a Romney presidency, yet the lawyer in him knew that solution was a ruse. Romney’s statements are never impromptu, instead a litany of rehearsed mini speeches emanate from him that attempt to cloister his true stance on the topic presented. Romney moves through his day defending himself including; his prior business record, the large profits he made at the expense of the work force under his command, Romneycare, his global warming stance and sundry other issues important to the voting populous. His campaign has not caught fire with many in the Republican Party because there is a perceived element of distrust about him from his prior private/public record. The Republican hierarchy is doing its best to denigrate the other candidates, in order to make Mitt the top dog. Unfortunately, Mitt’s bark may have taken a bite out of his personal believability. Right wing media is falling in line attempting to cast the other presidential contenders in less than amenable terms. Romney is a mistake that has already been made in the visage of Obama. America needs a consistent experienced person to be president, not someone whose timidity will inhibit him from taking the fight to those who dishonor America with every word they utter. Rush Limbaugh and his conservative comrades are pushing the wrong button this time. When you vote push the right button because the person you help to elect will control the red one. Mark Davis, M.D. author of Demons of Democracy, president of Healthnets Review Services,


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