Maryland Appellate Courts: A question of judicial integrity

14 Dec

Maryland Appellate Courts: A question of judicial integrity

Imagine a state court that is mandated to provide honesty, integrity and judicial balance in their opinions, yet produces outcomes that cannot live up to these three ideals. Maryland has such a judicial forum in the form of the Court of Special Appeals. Cloistered in their sacred halls of judicial wisdom in Annapolis, this Court’s determinations many times are blind to the laws they mandated to apply. Tribunals of three judges deliberate the merits of appeals that reach their benches unfortunately influences external to these cases’ core subject matter shade their opinions. An Opinion that Judges Krauser, Wright and Salmon “REFUSE” to publish and veers away from established Maryland law and mandate arrived on my desk two months ago. Their Opinion reinforces fabrications that the Maryland Board of Physicians levied against the author of these words (Case Number 2587, September Term, 2009 Maryland Board of Physicians v. Mark Davis, M.D). This Opinion is further denigrated by a recent audit by the Maryland Legislature of the Maryland Board of Physicians noting due process rights for physicians have been abbreviated and or completely voided by this administrative entity. Dozens of criticisms embedded in this audit display physicians were used as pawns as they were moved through a process that had one goal, sanction the doctor no matter what the circumstance. When an administrative authority exists that flouts the very laws established to allow it to perform its functions, how can any physician be held responsible for his/her actions and or be sanctioned under these circumstances. Judges Krauser, Wright and Salmon had to know when they wrote their Opinion that Maryland Board of Physicians did not follow the law when prosecuting this author’s civil case. Worse, they completely negated the contents of the appeal before them which established in detail that the Maryland Board of Physicians performed subpar in its peer reviews of physicians and more egregious violated dozens of laws to bring their sting to hundreds of doctors. There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this Opinion of the Court of Special Appeals, it ceased to be an independent bastion of judicial reason and intellect. Instead this Court will place it rubberstamp imprint on any fabricated trash from the Maryland Board of Physicians. In this specific case, the Court knew that their Opinion skirted state law, yet they were willing to put their necks out to save this failing administrative entity. Judges Krauser, Wright and Salmon are REFUSING to publish their FRAUDULENT Opinion, knowing that every physician, lawyer and the Maryland population as a whole will know their Appellate Courts are CORRUPT. Marylanders have accepted a certain level of corruption from their politicians for years, now they can add the Appellate Courts to this list. Mark Davis, M.D. President of Healthnets Review Services,


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