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Republicans’ newest mistake

31 Dec

Republicans’ newest mistake


Romney has been ordained by the Republican hierarchy as the candidate to beat. This transition occurred during the last two weeks and unseen forces are pushing the other contenders aside. Fox news is carefully crafting pieces to lessen the worth of the competition in an attempt to polish Romney’s visage. Gingrich, a former Fox political consultant, now has an image problem that did not exist a fortnight ago. Ron Paul has been dehumanized and marginalized as the candidate from the theater of the bizarre. Rick Perry has been played as an awkward simpleton who has yet to learn how to tie his shoes. The rest of the pretenders to the throne have not made it half way. Romney’s tangential experience with politics as governor of the Bay State resulted in his tragic health care legislation code named Romneycare. It is strangely similar to the Obama product that is now infesting a state near you. His stance on other issues has given many republicans a reason to pause. Could we be exchanging one problem for another when November 2012 arrives? Romney is presently maneuvering through the political landscape greased with tens of millions from his own pocket. Added to the large sums now pouring in because he had has been deified as the candidate to look towards, the remaining crew might as well give up. Lawyers appear to have problems managing intricate systems. Perhaps this is the reason Romney left when his health disaster was taking shape. Pessimism is working its way into some quarters of the conservative movement because Romney is not that picture perfect candidate they had in mind. If there is someone in the darkness better than the current crowd of presidential wannabes, now is the time to materialize.  Those who profess an interest in the throne from the sidelines would rather critique the present crew than jump in. There is a real possibility that those who were fooled before may make the same mistake again. Study your candidate thoroughly before you throw the lever because this could be the last time you are permitted to vote. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy,

Fox: fair and balanced think again

29 Dec

Fox: fair and balance think again


Polished, primed and primped the assemblage of commentators at Fox News Network have been insinuating for years their presentations are fair and balanced, think again. Recent changes in polling evaluations of the presidential wannabes have significantly changed Fox’s coverage of the candidates. Marching orders from the top have these media voices propagandizing that Mitt Romney is the candidate of choice, who stands higher than the others in the lineup. Coverage of Newt Gingrich now slants towards the negative as Romney attracts more support around the country. The problem is Romney may be the worse candidate on the platform. Looking presidential, whatever that means, is insufficient substance to embody someone with the powers of the Executive branch. Fox is asking its viewers to believe that information they presented before on the cadre of candidates does not matter. Somehow, through the magic of Fox media, Romney has been ordained as the person to go to. Romney’s baggage is extensive and replete with inconsistencies. Notice that Fox is playing down the vices of Romney care and pumping up an image of this former governor that he will dissect and destroy Obamacare, not true. You may have missed the first debates when Romney noted in the event that he acquired the presidency he would waiver out all fifty states. The former lawyer in him must have been channeling Obama because he had to know that was not possible. Congress must defund it and ultimately decimate this monstrous health initiative to rid it from our lives. Romney’s Freudian slip concerning global warming leads us to believe he is part of the problem in that area. Prior to the implementation of Romney care in 2006, the governor of the bay state abandoned his post, so he would not have to face the repercussions that have now presented themselves. More recently Romney’s attack ads on the other candidates have received little notice by Fox’s ordained choice for 2012.  With a questionable business background, a legal mentality that could be a detriment to his cognition and his stance on current issues, Romney’s glow is weak at best. Fox is trying to lead its flock to support a candidate who has many similarities to the reigning royalty. For prior reasons and more I suggest strongly that you obtain your news from many sources, Fox has lost its balance. Mark Davis MD, president of Healthnets Review Services.

Maryland’s entrapment of physicians

28 Dec

Maryland’s entrapment of physicians


Twenty four thousand physicians have been granted licenses to practice the medical arts in Maryland. This privilege came with one caveat, their licenses would be supervised by the Maryland Board of Physicians. Of the 21 political appointees on the Board forty percent are not physicians, which questions the extent of the expertise embedded in its membership. Worse, the Boards functions are not managed by physicians. Instead its administrative staff, which is heavily weighted with attorney input, runs the operations on a day to day basis. The Board’s quality assurance section is administered by lawyers, not physicians. Imagine the Maryland State Board of Law Examiners being fronted by physicians, the state would see an major reduction in malpractice suits. Maryland Board of Physicians must comply with Maryland legislative mandates which are in place to protect the public from errant physicians and to provide doctors a level of due process when their practices come into question. To carry out these functions rules and regulations must be promulgated by the Board to administer its authority, unfortunately they haven’t been written. Because of this specific failure, licensees are at a loss to know when they have transgressed certain boundaries this rogue Board may consider outside the scope of standard practice. It is the Board itself that has been found to be functioning outside Maryland law and mandate. In a scathing report issued recently by the Maryland Legislature against the Board of Physicians, the very basis of this Board’s existence is questioned. Dozens of citations noting the Board did not follow Maryland law and mandate when performing its function is part of this extensive report. More to the point, they were illicitly screwing physicians when they themselves were acting outside the bounds established for them. To make matters worse the Maryland Attorney General’s Office is guilty of violating the very laws they are empowered to uphold. This arm of Maryland government has knowingly lied to Circuit Court and Appellate judges that the Board of Physicians was following appropriate procedures and Maryland law as it hammered physicians for the most trivial of occurrences. The quiescent Maryland Medical Society has not weighed in on this report. They spend too much time in self-preservation mode to keep the cash coming in from its few members to take an interest in such minor matters. Perhaps physicians who have been affected by this rogue unit of Maryland government should file a class action suit against Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Board, the Health Secretary and the Attorney General’s Office for perpetuating the illicit activities of an administrative authority that should have been reined in long ago. Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Research Services,

A Presidency in obsolescence

28 Dec

A Presidency in obsolescence

Long before Obama walked the corridors of the White House, his mind was being molded to the president he would become. Embedded in his subconscious mind are all the deformities he believes casts America in the shadows of other nations.  When he ascended to the Executive branch his apologetic behavior was indicative of those beliefs and the rectification to come. American presidents usually put their country in the best light possible, Obama’s approach was too damn the very nation that elevated him to his present office. Worse, his deep hatred for this country led him to find unique paths to decimate its institutions and traditions. Under his tutelage cockroaches and minnows have more rights than farmers whose lands they inhabit. Any excuse to impede energy production was primary in his mind, jobs lost took a backseat. Iran no doubt is developing a nuclear weapon. In the event their research was for any other purpose those technologies are already available. Obama’s penchant of noninterference in the affairs of rogue nations such as Iran, is leading this country to the edge of a dangerous precipice. Congress fails to see the bigger picture, America is a few steps from a nuclear exchange and they argue over trivial issues. Those who run the State Department must have blinders on. Obama is looking the other way as Iran and a few other nations are bringing to fruition bombs that can kill millions. Are Obama’s hatreds so deep that he would allow the deaths of millions to display a politically correct posture to the Middle East? Or are his motivations something else. Perhaps his ineptitudes are so deep that he cannot see the internal and external strife that is brewing right in front of him. Presidents are supposed to lead and guide their flocks to better times, this inhabitant of the White House has improved his situation at the expense of hundreds of millions. The minds that occupy the stratosphere of thought behind the ivy fronts should conclude that the present format of the American presidency has reached a state of obsolescence. America should consider the obvious fact that imbuing one person with all the powers given to Obama does not work for 320 million people. Decades to come when America moves back on a sound footing, the times of Obama will be remembered as a minor defect in a long history of tragedies this country had to endure. Mark Davis, M.D. author of Demons of Democracy,

Obama’s Dystopian Views

23 Dec

Obama’s dystopian views

Obama’s quixotic vision for America is not held by the majority. Centralized control of welfare to health care cannot be realized under the umbrella Obama wants to put in force. Legislations now in place that allows the Federal elites to invade your checkbook, home, workplace and any place USA can only lead to detrimental effects that move us towards totalitarianism. With three years nearly completed, the president has constrained much of the financial industry, placed new inhibitions on auto manufacturers, torn down health care barriers and erected larger ones, diminished the military, destroyed NASA, taken foreign policies to new lows and sundry other defects he has introduced to make America long for GWB or even Clinton. Four years can be an eternity when the unscrupulous  inflict  authorities, mandates, edicts and instabilities upon a population that has prospered by its empowered freedoms. Constitutional dementia has been the cornerstone of Obama think, projected by teleprompter rhetoric that mesmerizes some, but the rest see through his sophistic façade.  Energy programs that are not sustainable, cost billions to produce a few kilowatts of energy, display Obama’s lack of sophistication in the economics of science. Worse, his stance on energy production within the confines of the fifty states curry favors with environmental extremists who would like to see us back in caves. Much to the chagrin of those who hide Obama’s past student records, his present actions are indicative of a man whose fund of knowledge is slim at best. Moral decline has been accelerated during this leader’s toothless tenure. Strengthening family values is not for someone with an obsession for homosexual equality, whatever that means to him. Will America end up like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed by fire from the heavens? This view may not be so outlandish when one considers our weak foreign policy that allows extremists to develop nuclear weapons.  On this Holiday weekend the President flees to his personal utopia leaving us behind to fend for the few crumbs his administration hasn’t taken. Obama’s dystopian views echo similar political thought that has reverberated through the centuries.  This weekend think about what you have, it may not be there much longer. Mark Davis, M.D. author of Demons of Democracy.

Washington’s Godless Christmas

22 Dec

Washington’s Godless Christmas


Amongst the concrete structures that houses Washington’s elite this holiday season there are few representations marking the religious bent of this time period. Has Washington gone atheist? Religious neutrality has been called for by the White House in speech, physical symbolism and the written word. God is out along with Judeo-Christian morality and tradition. Obama think, deconstructs the best of America, replacing it with politically correct pseudo religious doctrine that debunks most of our beliefs. It does not take much imagination to realize our reigning monarch’s façade of Sunday visits to God’s domain is nothing more than a superficial display of faith for the masses. From marriage to the application of health care an evolution in thought has come with the Obama presidency. Viewing his doctrinal leanings certain precepts apply. There is no more terrorism. Instead these are manmade events. Life is only valuable when you pay into the system. All others go to the back of the line in the event you need health care. Middle Eastern religions have now been given a new spin with incentive from the Obama administration. They have been put on the same platform as those revered by 95% of the population. Working Americans should bleed economically so the decadent, indolent and lazy can sit idle. America’s masses have been disoriented by rhetoric that divides, misleads and removes the most valuable from our lives. Religion, family and our collective moral compass is under assault by those who have vacated these gifts long ago. Christmas is a time to remember all the things that make us who we are, but other forces are at work to negate these memories. Reflect on America’s Christmas trees in Washington over the last several decades, all have commemorated the season with enthusiastic exposes. This year the tree is diminutive, misshapen and decorated with third rate ornamentation. Could we extrapolate from this presentation that Washington is trying to neutralize the true intent of this Holiday? For the majority of us that guide our lives with some semblance of faith there is a way to toss these heathens from office, vote right this time, God is on our side. Mark Davis, MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

Republicans lose in 2012

20 Dec

Republicans lose in 2012

Republican hierarchy is pushing the wrong candidate against Obama that guarantees a democrat win in 2012. There exists a plethora of suspicions about Romney that the conservative media cannot quell with spin or other devices at their disposal. When Newt Gingrich surged passed the other candidates, the Republican machinery went into full force to denigrate him from every angle possible. From nuanced media rip to outright lies they have spared no expense to bring him down. Resilient, flexible and intellectually sound Speaker Gingrich has much more to offer the American public than a former governor who abandoned ship when he was most needed. Romney moved out of the house when his massive health legislation came on board. His representations of Romneycare are factually inaccurate when he discusses its virtues and vices. His mind is hampered by a legal education that diminishes his perspective on the current conditions in the country. Newt Gingrich perseveres through the quagmire placed before him because he is a seasoned politician that sees the bigger picture. His breadth and depth of knowledge of history and politics markedly transcends his opponents when he is put to the task of debating them. Behind the scenes manipulations have occurred on a grand scale in the media to push their favored candidate. Rush Limbaugh is now singing the praises of Romney. Fox network has gone out its way to move Gingrich outside the center of attention and move Romney in. A cavalcade of conservative voices is attempting to ordain Romney as the nominee. Many of us in the conservative movement have our reservations about this man, whose personal baggage surmounts that of the former Speaker. For some intangible reason those who hold a legal degree have an inability to understand the intricacies of government functions and how to use them most efficiently. Romney will fall short in any debate with the present Commander-in-chief, Gingrich will unravel the true Obama when they go head to head. Romney is the wrong candidate at the wrong time who will lead the Republican Party to defeat in 2012. Listen to your own conscience not the of the overpaid media hogs who wail in unison when they are given the word. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy, the book Obama would prefer you didn’t read.