Maryland Attorney General’s Office: What went wrong

28 Nov

Maryland Attorney General’s Office: What went wrong


Who guards the sentinels of democracy? In Maryland it appears no one. Honest government and appropriate application of authority are not high priorities for this office or the courts that they support. Somewhere late in the twentieth century this office took a turn for the worse. Its mandate, to interpret and apply state law in a legitimate manner, evaporated.  Starving for recognition, cases are selected for their high profile status, innocence has little meaning to those who want to move up the food chain. Important issues for this Office are: backing gay marriage, allowing illegals to have in state tuition, allowing illegals to obtain motor vehicle licenses (which essentially allows them to vote), intimidating businesses into compliance with laws that could potentially put them out of business, transgender rights and most egregious fabricating legal cases against physicians. Within a short distance from their high rent offices on Saint Paul Street, every conceivable type of violent crime occurs. Logically an Attorney General would make this category of crimes a top priority, not in Maryland. A very timid hand is applied to those who commit violent offences, because most of these people are drawn from the political base that keeps reelecting them every four years. Facts tend to get in the way of those they target. Having been victimized by this office myself for fabricated charges against my medical license, there is no depth from which they would proceed to vanquish their opponents. In my case spin, distortion, misrepresentation and outright lying were the tools utilized by representatives of this office, to succeed in court. Even more concerning, they find willing judges to rubberstamp whatever immoral deceit they place on paper. My specific case deserves mention.

Dying is more acceptable to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, than allowing state citizens access to treatments that could reduce morbidity and mortality. In a frontal assault led by two lawyers from the Attorney General’s office in conjunction with the Maryland Board of Physicians civil charges were levied against this physician concerning the diet pill Phentermine. Robert Gilbert JD, followed by Noreen Rubin JD fabricated a charging document utilizing the services of a single physician, Ira Kaplan MD, to have this author removed from medical practice. Dr. Kaplan’s apparent expertise was providing false evidence to an administrative judge. Robert Gilbert’s forte was to maneuver around Maryland Law to bring false charges against physicians. Noreen Rubin had the unique responsibility to propound these charges in formal judicial settings. When she failed in the lower courts, she found a friendly ear in the Appellate division through justices Krauser, Wright and Salmon. Their Opinion appears to have been written by the Attorney General’s Office itself. There is no justice when the system is wired end to end and you are a mere player going through the machinations of a script that was already written before you appeared.  Maryland’s Attorney General and his minions have forgotten who they work for. Their hunger for recognition is blatant irrespective of whom they destroy on the way to celebrity status. Trust in the judicial system is at the lowest point in American history, for good reason. Perhaps next election cycle the majority will vote for someone with sense and sensibility, instead of the mediocre agenda driven miscreants who now inhabit the most expensive rented offices of any government agency in Maryland. Mark Davis, MD, president of Healthnets Review Services,


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