America’s new slaves: the middle-class

21 Nov

America new slaves: the middle-class

America’s middle-class is being squeezed for every dollar it produces. With clinical obsession, the democrats led by their great leader President Obama want to raise money by taxing us into poverty. Anyone who dares to challenge them finds themselves on the end of a verbal whip, thrashed to the bone. To fund the enormous welfare state created by Obama and his followers, they have used every conceivable method to extort money from the middle-class. His most recent abomination, Obamacare will cost the middle-class more for less. Skyrocketing insurance premiums, have put many on the brink financially. The catch-22 is if you drop your insurance Obamacare will eventually penalize you for going without it. The so-called poor are given every financial supplement known to man. The rich slither around Obama’s regulatory structure. Middle-class individuals comprise the largest number who have been hurt by Obama’s irreverence to their needs. An examination of his restraints on the energy industry, impeding job creation for hundreds of thousands, is but one example of his destructive capacities against the producers in society.  Blatant ignorance has the feds spending money as though they are on a shopping spree, with funds absconded from you know who. When you are in a parking lot it is easy to recognize the overpaid government worker, he/she has a high end foreign car. Internal Revenue is pounding the middle-class with threats, liens, foreclosures and every technique at their disposal steal the little wealth we maintain. The average federal worker living in or around Washington D.C. earns $126,000, but the average on the private side earns less than half. How much more detriment this government will inflict on its citizens depends on how long we allow these rogues to stay in power. Vote right next time you enter a polling place, or it may be your last. Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Review Services,


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