Corruption Obama style

18 Nov


Revelations that Obama and his cronies are profiting financially at the taxpayer’s expense are spread throughout the media daily. For an administration whose theme of transparency was never realized, their illicit actions are blatant, palpable and overt. Thanks to Obama the legal industry has been gifted with a flood of legislation that will keep America awash in lawsuits for several decades and beyond. Recently reported that a law firm received 2.4 million for reviewing the Solyndra transaction was bad enough. Learning that they were protégés of Obama was even more egregious. Obama’s personal bank, the United States Treasury, has seen too many withdrawals to companies that are friends of Obama. Contrary to the President’s class warfare strategy he had made his wealthy friends even wealthier. Loans that should never have been made from the Federal Treasury are now under assault by a complacent Congress who still don’t know where all the money went. First rule, you never open your piggybank to someone with a faceless background. Second rule, habitual liars will not change because they moved into someone else’s suit. Finally, Obama’s hate America rhetoric should have clued in the empowered to perform better oversight of the people’s house. America has created a new class of slaves, the middle class. They are paying for Obama’s continuous follies, which is leading America towards a dark tomorrow. Americans are the pallbearers at their own economic funeral. The question is when will the event take place. Mark Davis, MD, president of Healthnets Review Services,


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