Loss of Freedom

3 Jul

Complexity and intricacy embedded into present law clash with a document called the Constitution. This 225 year old set of guidelines is now being rewritten by a White House that ignores this great historic work. Speech, property ownership, the right to carry a gun, marriage etc. are being reworked by an administration whose ineptness knows no bounds. Lawyers are now running this country. From the top down, none of these people have the intellectual fire power nor the training to meet America’s challenges. As a result we are dying as a nation and a people. Another amendment is needed to the Constitution allowing us to rid the nation of incompetences when it rears it head in government. Is has, but no one has the fortitude to impeach Obama. As a result the country will be mistreated for another 18 months until a final resolution will occur. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy, a book Obama would rather you not read


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