Countdown to Hillary

15 Apr

Countdown to Hillary


Bad news travels fast. Hillary Clinton, the immortal, has entered the fray for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination. The dust from Hillary’s last attempt has not fully settled into the shadows, yet her second run is fully underway. On this go around her focus is to connect with the common man. The latter is so comical one must partition reality from the factual insanity from which it is derived. Hillary has stepped away from the rarified domain in which she lives to give the appearance she cares about the “little people.” Her announcement came in the form of a website release not in a gathering of prospective voters. Her last news conference was a disaster. No one can blame her for staying miles away from the nearest journalist. Hillary will take her campaign on the road to small venues with pre-selected audiences. Her admirers will flood the media with positive attributions but those at a distance will question the very basis of her candidacy. With few competitors on the Democrat side vying for the nomination Mrs. Clinton appears to have a clear path to her goal. Yet the drum beats for more balance in her party and we may soon see others of note enter the political cauldron.


Hillary Clinton craves power, prestige and most of all money. During her tenure as Secretary of State many suspect she padded her own pockets via the Clinton Foundation. While representing American interests in the Middle East her Foundation took in large sums from countries less than friendly to the United States. Some believe a quid pro quo was involved. She had defended the work of the Foundation yet the stench of duplicity surrounds her and the private foundation that bears her name.


Equally as bad was Hillary’s management of emails during her reign as Secretary of State. Hillary, similar to Obama, believes she is above regulations and laws which govern the rest of us. When the Benghazi Committee requested her emails none were forthcoming. Why? She utilized a private computer server instead of one issued to her as Secretary of State. These recent revelations were made worse when it was discovered that her private server emails were erased. Hillary has refused to turn over this server. This controversy will not abate as the 2016 campaign moves forward. What is Hillary trying to hide?


With Hillary’s current attempts to galvanize support for a very iffy presidential campaign the public’s introspective eye will follow her everywhere. The Clintons represent a time that has passed. Each of them is saddled with burdens decades old which haunts every appearance they make. Though Hillary has no real competition from potential Democrat rivals Martin O’Malley and Joseph Biden inspirational voices on the Republican side may drown hers out. The shock of Mrs. Clinton attempting to relate to the “common man” defines exactly who she is. She is a dispirited individual who will malign the system in any manner which brings her closer to the Oval Office. I believe she is misreading the political tea leaves. Her candidacy is doomed from the start because its foundations are layered with paper not cement. For an extremely intelligent woman she appears to move through life with blinders on. When the going gets tough she will abandon her presidential ambitions and return to presenting half-hearted speeches at $450,000 each. Until then her universe of one may end sooner than later for a presidential run that was never meant to be.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. Author of Demons of Democracy, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and the forthcoming book: Sexual Predilections of the Political Mind.

The World we use to know

14 Apr

The news is so fraught with deviance my head is spinning. From teachers “dating” 12 year olds to criminals suing their victims. Either we entered another dimension or that dimension has come to us. In both cases the anything goes mentality will fail at great cost to a once honorable nation

Crossroads to Armageddon

8 Apr

Crossroads to Armageddon


Nightmares never leave us. Attached to our psyches they wait for the signal to remerge. As a child coming of age in the 1960s the fear of nuclear annihilation was ever present in the media. This fear was represented by nuclear mushroom clouds expanding across placid skies. Reality clashed with this hypothetical when Russian missile placements were observed on the island of Cuba. President Kennedy, fearing the worst, took immediate action to diffuse this communist nation’s encroachment into the Western Hemisphere. Without this strong President’s leadership the beginnings of World War Three would have been a few steps away. Fifty years later this country is once again battling for its future.


Scattered across the Iranian landscape are dozens of facilities established for one end purpose, enrichment of Uranium for bombs. Utilizing nearly 20,000 centrifuges Iranian workers are closing in on their ultimate goal. America, not fully cognizant of Iran’s weapons status, is blindly negotiating a treaty to curtail a program that may have already come to fruition. John Kerry, the present Secretary of State, back stabbed his fellow Vietnam Vets during his formative years by testifying against them before Congress. Trust is not one of Kerry’s strong points. Forty years later he is the lead negotiator for a treaty with Iran. With a lack of transparency Kerry and Obama have released little on the framework of this proposed treaty. Speculation is Obama desperately wants this treaty no matter who he throws under the literal bus. In the event this is a legacy moment for the Commander-in-Chief he has failed. Instead Obama is writing an epitaph for the America he hates and the Israel he loathes.


Reports of Iranian missile placements in Venezuela have been carried by foreign news sources. American media has been quiescent on this subject. Once operational these missiles could reach continental United States in a matter of minutes. With Iran’s rapid development of fissionable material these missiles could be tipped with warheads which can decimate American cities on a whim. Essentially the Cuban Missile crisis has come to the 21st century. Obama, oblivious to the Constitution, does not have the courage to invoke the Monroe Doctrine. Striking are the differences in leadership between John Kennedy and Barack Obama. Kennedy led us away from a nuclear holocaust. Obama is leading us towards one. Perhaps that was the plan from day one. When Obama took the oath of office in 2009 he swore to uphold the Constitution and defend America. From this small perch Obama’s real motives were to dismantle American institutions, traditions and its industrial base. He is on his way to succeeding with these goals. My recommendation is build a Civil Defense shelter because Iran and others are coming our way.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. and

Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster

JJ McCartney

6 Apr

Guest on the JJ McCartney radio program today at 3pm EST. Discussions will range from science to politics and the non-treaty with Iran.


1 Apr

Discrimination is an aperture through which we perceive variances in people, actions, institutions and traditions. Through subtle differentiation choices are made which solidify which routes we take on our paths from alpha to omega. Choices made may not always be fair and well considered but they must be brought to fruition or we stand still. Inherent risks in life embody this discriminatory function for without it life would be the same for all of us.

The Day Israel Stood Still

22 Mar

The day Israel stood still

On March 17th a country two thirds the size of Maryland chose to stay with its current leader Benjamin Netanyahu. With the votes finally tallied Netanyahu and his Likud party overwhelming beat back Isaac Herzog and the Zionist Union. Ironically America’s left of the left press had Herzog winning by a considerable margin. American media misrepresented the will of Israel’s majority with stories fabricated to negate Netanyahu’s popularity at home. Some media outlets chose to distort exit polls perhaps in an attempt to discourage late voters as it does in this country. In the aftermath the Jewish State solidified behind a leader whose message is consistent: Israel must and will survive regardless of external forces attempting to undermine the nation.

Reports have circulated that American tax dollars were spent by the Obama Administration to subvert the Israeli election. These news reports indicated  people close to Obama established themselves in some manner or form in Israel with a singular purpose to bring Netanyahu down. Their failure brought a certain level of consternation to a White House already in disarray over Netanyahu’s recent presentation before Congress. Not to be out maneuvered by the Prime Minister our narcissus-in-chief waited 24 hours then revealed his newest plan to bring Israel to its knees. Obama’s hate for the Jewish State has no bounds. Under consideration are potential plans to weaken America’s close relationship with Israel which has lasted seven decades. In the end nothing will change except the man in the White House.

America’s foreign policy has been chaotic since Obama took office.

Present negotiations with Iran, to slow their nuclear weapons development, will only forestall for a brief period an outcome inevitable under current treaty discussions. Netanyahu brought this message to Congress. Yet President Obama chided the Prime Minister’s speech deriding its contents as unhelpful to current exchanges with Iranian leadership. In reality Obama stopped listening to the very people who have insight into the Iranian terrorist regime.

President Obama’s difficulty grasping who the aggressors are and who are America’s friends is obvious. Worse he believes loosening sanctions against Iran to placate them will expedite an arms treaty. The road President Obama and Secretary Kerry are pursuing is disastrous for this country and Israel. Further it may set the seeds for war because Iran cannot be trusted to follow the tenets of any negotiated treaty. Instead any solution generated by politicians will guarantee a nuclear Iran.

President Obama is considering a beach front property in Hawaii for his post White House days. In this compound he will be safe from any attack by Iran on mainland USA. He will be able to sit back and watch the mushroom clouds form. As Barack looks to the left at Michelle he will note that Netanyahu was right. Iran cannot be trusted.

Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Writing Services.

Rage of the Queen of Green

18 Mar

Rage of the queen of green

Lust for power, prestige and green should be essential components of any profile on Hillary Clinton. With her sights set on the Oval Office coronation to the throne is the only element lacking in her resume. Last week the real Hillary Clinton once again displayed her true face. As in previous episodes of her life she came out fighting when accused of withholding subpoenaed information from investigating Congressional committees. Transaction of information through government servers remains the property of Uncle Sam, yet not for Hillary. While Secretary of State her work related emails were channeled through a private server neatly tucked away in one of her many homes. When asked at a news conference why she did not use a government server Hillary explained it was a matter of convenience. This distortion of reality was compounded by her destruction of the very emails sought by investigators. A classical Clinton maneuver took place here. Since her emails were on a private server there were no “government” retained emails to give over to Congress, as requested by their subpoena. Unknown to nearly everyone Hillary retained over 50,000 emails. Once this fact surfaced charges of perjury and criminality were thrown her way. Rhetorical nonsense from her recent press briefing concerning these emails did not fool anyone and went a long way to hurt her chances in 2016.

Contrary to glowing reports in left wing media Hillary’s portfolio of achievements can be summated on a single sheet of paper. During her short tenure in the Senate Hillary’s mark on legislation that became law was infinitesimal. When a colleague would introduce legislation to cut taxes invariably she would be the first on line to vote no.  Hillary’s lack of knowledge of political dynamics in the Middle East was evident in her voting record. This is exemplified by her vote against the surge. Her ineffective record in the Senate was evident throughout her years in office. As Secretary of State she turned her head away from the revolutionaries who ignited the Arab Spring. These actions contributed to reinforcing theocracy not democracy in those volatile countries. Numerous voices have insinuated that her time as Department Secretary was spent feathering her own nest. The Clinton foundation took tens of millions from countries which she had direct influence over. In the event there was a quid pro quo we may never know.

Mrs. Clinton is no mere anomaly in the leftist World. Driven by arrogance and a smug self-righteous attitude she has achieved distinction by being the Kardashian of the political class. Just being there, she believes, entitles her to the ultimate crown in the United States. Hillary has forgotten her history. America threw off the yoke of its king and queen centuries ago. No one is ready for another spin with a monarchy. Hillary’s campaign is stumbling and not ready for prime time. She needs to go back to square one and learn humility before returning to a World that moved passed her long ago.

Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services,

Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and

Demons of Democracy.


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