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SPECIAL EXAMINATION is a complex medical test comprised currently of 336 questions taken over a seven hour time period. This test is given by the Federation of State Boards to Physicians who have been out of practice for a prescribed period of time depending upon their state medical board. The test covers a range of medical specialties. Books that are available are of quasi help to potential test takers. Currently the passing grade necessary is 75. Without proper direction the failure rate is extremely high. The Federation of State Medical Boards claims if you review current medical literature that would prepare you for this exam, not so. Based on the clinical sections of the USMLE the SPEX requires the potential test taker to study a wide field of information. As a tutor for this exam I direct physicians on how manage their study efforts. I have taken this exam three times in the last 25 years including recently. Knowledge of the exam contents will give the examinee a better chance of moving towards a passing grade. This will save both time and money to the examinee. In the event you need help and guidance how to study for the SPEX please contact me at platomd@gmail.com. You will find the expense well worth it. Mark Davis, MD


Hillary Takes Her Final Curtain Call

31 Oct

Hillary Takes Her Final Curtain Call

Doors are quickly slamming in the face of presidential contender Hillary Clinton. New revelations that thousands of unaccounted emails, hidden by Clinton’s right hand associate Huma Abedin, have emerged from her estranged husband’s computer. In a letter to Congress on October 28, 2016 FBI Director James Comey noted his office recently obtained emails which are additive to the tens of thousands already in the FBI possession. Comey did not explain their significance but some suggest sufficient information has been developed to warrant another look at Hillary’s server scandal. Comey’s cryptic message stunned the nation because all involved believed Hillary’s server scandal was put to rest in July. We now know that Comey’s integrity has been tarnished greatly by colluding with the Clintons. A money trail, into the million, leading to the door of the FBI Director may have been his motivation not to recommend an indictment of Hillary. This money trail has many facets which requires more exploration. By reopening Hillary’s case some believe Comey is trying to cover his backside and regain part of his reputation lost by his prior actions. Others conceive of a Comey who could face an indictment of his own for obstruction of justice. Will this latest action hurt Hillary’s chances of becoming president? Please read on.

Hillary’s character and reputation have been written about ad nauseam. Needless to state those on the right impugn her reputation constantly. Yet those on the left believe she is angelic with impeccable integrity. As I choke on the last sentence in the event the hammer does not fall on Hillary’s campaign for president with these newest releases then nothing will. America has been dumb down to set the stage
for a tyrant, similar to Hillary, to gain power. Democrats have lightened the load for students who have to learn the minimum to get by. Civics and history courses are not emphasized prohibiting students from understanding that bad people exist in the World such as the Clintons. With that stated Trump has been on the correct course since the beginning. Left wing radical news outlets and their various commentators have hardly put a dent into the Republican candidate’s campaign with their rigged polls and negative social innuendos. James Comey may have placed a nail into the coffin of Hillary’s campaign by his most recent actions. We will know in a few days if Comey grew a new set of cojones to indict Hillary. If not Trump will have to take care of business once he is sworn in.

Mark Davis, MD platomd@gmail.com Author of Demons of Democracy, Obamacare; Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide to Rapid Weight Loss.


2 Mar

Republican Party, as it presently sits, has been destroyed by the borderline people who manage it. RNC and its various minions have removed the word conservatism from their agenda. Trump cannot destroy something that has already imploded on its own. Cruz wants to prosecute everything that moves and breathes. Rubio lives in a delusional world surrounded by an ego which will not allow him to see reality. Trump, certainly not a perfect candidate for president, represents hope for a country devoid of it. In the near future the establishment Republicans will pull every trick in the book to undermine their leading contender for the throne. Your thoughts.

Meghan McCain: Another Liberal in Conservative Clothing

19 Aug

A relatively new name has jumped onto the scene, Meghan McCain, She is the daughter of the venerable John McCain who took a left turn somewhere in the last 20 years. Meghan defines herself in a paradoxical manner labeling herself a “Social Liberal Republican.” This label is full of contradictions as is her stance on many subjects. She has been given a syndicated radio program to exhort her liberal views disguised as conservative conversation. Further, she has been hired by Fox as a contributor. Nepotism can carry someone so far, the rest is up to the individual. Coming from a wealthy family she is detached from the reality of the working class as her conversations display. Worse her liberal views on immigration and homosexual marriage stand antithetically to the media outlets that engaged her. Sadly I listened to her program several times and found her rambling comments mindful of the town fool. Perhaps Fox should have reviewed her background before hiring the Senator’s daughter.

The Trump Effect

17 Aug

The Trump effect

Collective efforts by 17 Republican candidates to energize the public in their direction have not caught fire except for one person, Donald Trump. Media programs that lean towards one side of the aisle or the other are endlessly discussing the Trump effect on the potential electorate. Core topics from immigration to national health care have been transformed by an outsider who has placed a new twist on these banal subjects. Donald Trump has codified his message with a simplicity that resonates across a gamut of the population. From state fairs to corner stores Trump appears to be everywhere willing to discuss his message with anyone willing to listen.

Pundits of all stripes continue to assault this political outsider noting his meteoric rise will crash and burn in due course. Extensive polls done pre and post the first debate continue to indicate Trump is firmly planted at the top of each one. With a finesse reserved to a polished few, the Donald as many call him, easily deflects questions that deteriorate from his message. From bankruptcy to his position on women’s issues he discusses the basics while directing the conversation on to the next subject before fully answering the first one. Consequently some have become suspicious of him for the profound lack of depth in his answers to issues others have algorithmically discussed. Nevertheless Trump has been able to jump over this hurdle by mesmerizing those who come before him noting his successes while deflating his failures.

In interview after interview most reporters have gingerly discussed his background and preparation to become Commander in Chief. As Trump notes he built a vast company which has tentacles that reach into many areas that a president should have knowledge of. He wastes no time inferring how poor our American leadership is compared to that of China, Mexico and other countries. Trump’s major theme is these countries dump their products here and we send our money there. On immigration he has echoed an array of proposals to slow the rate of new arrivals and a methodology to repatriate illegals to their home countries. Many question whether Donald Trump has the staying power to remain in the race. For now he is on the top of the heap and continues to defy the logic of the pundits calling for him to fail. The road to the November 2016 election is long and treacherous. All eyes, presently, are on the street fighter from New York who does not plan to go down for the ten count.

Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

www.daviswritingservices.com, platomd@gmail.com

Backlash: Fox dumps on Trump and fails.

12 Aug

Backlash: Fox dumps on Trump and fails

Five days since the notorious Republican debate aired when the gang of three moderators from Fox dumped on Trump. A well-organized inquisition of the Republican leader was carried out with a ferocity that is usually reserved for leftist attack dogs. Megyn Kelly opened the barrage of questions aimed at unmasking Donald Trump’s weaknesses. Instead Kelly’s inquisitory style displayed Fox’s fair and balance moniker was in label only. Audience members, whether on location or watching from a distance, learned very little that night except Megyn Kelly does not know her right from her left. Days after this gargantuan failure for legitimate political dialogue Fox continues to revel in the large number of viewers to this so-called debate. Never acknowledging most tuned into to see and hear Donald Trump Fox hierarchy and its minimalist commentators defended their actions Thursday with a righteous indignation that has a stench all its own.

Donald Trump and most who were sensitized to the deliberate denigration of the debate process displayed their collective anger on an array of news shows afterwards. Fox set a new low for itself when displaying it went through Trump’s garbage in an attempt to debase him. His retorts, based on Kelly’s questions, were the themes of discussion. Trump spoke out harshly against those who orchestrated his downfall using words such as “weak and pathetic” to describe Republican operatives involved in this process. Excluded from a Red State forum in Atlanta Georgia by one of these people, Erick Erickson, everyone knew the game was afoot to debilitate the billionaire’s chances of moving into the Oval Office. Trump survived with a stronger footing than he had before the Thursday night debacle. Polls, several days later, indicated his position amongst voters strengthened. Fox not only failed to bring the reluctant candidate to his proverbial knees Trump now stands ten points higher than is closest rival.

Republican establishment along with their left wing buddies have abandoned the electorate and handed Obama whatever he legislatively requested. Donald Trump came along to shake up the quiescent political structure simultaneously resonating with a population tired of the old guard in Congress. Their fear is he may succeed by taking Obama’s hope and change and giving this theme some real meaning. Trump will not go quietly into the night and why should he. Few candidates for the presidency have been so blatantly open about their intentions. Trump has set a new high in political rhetoric. His naysayers should watch their backsides because they may be bowing to a President Trump in the not too distant future.

Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Media and Writing Services. http://www.davis writingservices.com platomd@gmail.com Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Where was the debate last night

7 Aug

Fox’s inquisition of the nominees last night displayed they were seeking rating points over debating points. Advertised as a debate paradoxically turned into a display of stupidity by its moderators. Today I know as little about the candidates as I did an hour before this horrifically staged event. Questions to Trump were absurd and he treated them as such. Rand Paul needed anti-anxiety drugs to keep him still. Ben Carson may have been funny in his responses but he displayed once again his ignorance of world and local events. Someone should take Fox to task for the nonsense they asked the candidates. In the end we did not have a debate but a wrestling match pitting three against ten. Mark Davis MD