Exodus: A Movie Lost in the Wilderness

16 Dec

Radically different than prior versions of this story Exodus brings great shame to a magnificent biblical saga. Scripted to deviate from prior incarnations Exodus wanders through a series of sequences looking for a story that never develops. With horrible acting and  poorly designed back lot sets the audience is degraded as the movie unfolds. Christian Bale should have remained with the Batman series instead of sullying himself with this dreck of a film. John Turturro plays Seti, ruler of Egypt and beyond. He should have stayed in Brooklyn making bagels in Transformers. God has been diminished to a tertiary  role, which will make all atheist viewers happy. To reveal these sequences would spoil a film that spoils itself. As the cast moves from scene to scene the thousands of extras appear disconnected from the director’s cues. For biblical purists I am still searching for a scene that comes near one event as originally told in this great work. Charlton Heston, the renown Moses of the 1050s, would have laughed off this script if offered to him. In a sense we have one of the best biblical tales treated to some of the worst Hollywood has to offer. My vote of 5 out of 10 is stated not to offend the acting of the mass numbers of extras. At nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes this film is 2 hours and 30 minutes too long.

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Congress Dances to Obama’s Tune

11 Dec

Congress dances to Obama’s tune

Did you believe the Republican landslide would effectuate policy changes in Washington, then take a peek at the proposed federal spending bill. Obama wins this round. Voters will be disenfranchised to know they are paying for an array of goodies not accessible to 99% of the population. Hollywood giveaways alone may run into the hundreds of millions from direct subsidies to major tax breaks. Race a car or ride a horse in competition, Congress has not forgotten you. Do you remember the Republicans admonishing Obama for his health plan. The proposed budget fully funds its operations. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would receive $6.9 billion, which is an increase of approximately 40 million from the previous year. The questions are what diseases have they controlled and where is this huge sum spent? You may wonder why a separate allocation of $5.4 billion is being extracted from the America taxpayer for Ebola. That would be a half billion for each Ebola patient treated in the United States so far. Egypt is receiving over 1.3 billion in military aid and more in direct economic grants. Is Obama arming their country for the final assault on Israel? For security at U.S. embassies $5.4 billion would be allotted equivalent to the cash layout for Ebola. Some good news the Environmental Protection Agency will have its budget trimmed by $60 million down to $8.1 billion. This agency’s funds have been steadily trimmed since 2010. EPA puts people out of work and stifles industrial progression, nothing more. The Internal Revenue Service has their funds reduced by $345.6 million.  Billions of cuts would have been more appropriate for an agency that wreaks havoc on the masses. Another unimportant government agency which does little but spend money is the Education Department. Their funding was trimmed slightly to $70.5 billion. Since they do not directly educate anyone who are the beneficiaries of these funds? Many agencies involved with day to day dynamics of government function were funded at levels near those requested. The budget has not been cemented yet so these amounts may change. There is no doubt these proposed numbers will metamorphose as the infighting begins between the parties. The question I have is why can’t budget wrangling wait until the new Congress is seated? http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2014/12/09/whats-in-the-spending-bill-we-skim-it-so-you-dont-have-to/

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6 Dec

Racism comes complete with its own tools to contain the opposing population. Guilt is projected on to us for many reasons. This form of control has worked for fifty years and it will come to an end soon. Governments are running out of money to allow the race in question to cash in. Taxpayer rebellions loom as their paychecks shrink to feed the system. The unfortunate death of Michael Brown ignited a conversation how the nation should approach a population that can only move forward with handouts. Where does the conversation go next?

Racial politics: a divide to overcome

5 Dec

Racial politics: a divide to overcome

Racism is a tool used by government and profiteers to keep people at odds with each other. Michael Brown and Travon Martin exemplify cases which were magnets to some who use race to enhance their bank accounts and prestige. As a result of their efforts in these cases violent protests occurred, causing property loss and worse life for a few individuals. Most active in this group are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Eric Holder and our Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama. This cabal of despicable individuals have long track records utilizing derision, diversion, demagoguery and outright hate to inflame populations in order to achieve specific outcomes. Their success can be measured by the crowd’s protean actions which violated innocent communities where these protests erupted.

Few would argue against the proposition that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is no longer managed for the good of the collective population. Eric Holder, as U.S. Attorney General, has taken his department in a direction which finds racism where none exists. Holder’s office actually paid a group to instigate protests in Florida against George Zimmerman.

http://hotair.com/archives/2013/07/10/judicial-watch-foia-docs-show-doj-facilitated-zimmerman-protests-in-florida/ Our tax dollars went for race baiting, supplemented with speeches by Holder, that were tinged with racial comments.  More recently extensive racial hatreds were generated in Ferguson and across the country by the aforementioned group of race hustlers. They successful mythicized the actions of Michael Brown, enhanced by the left wing media, pumping hate we visualized for several nights across our video screens. Crowds crying for justice were misled into believing Brown was an innocent bystander killed by a rogue cop. A Grand Jury investigated a series of allegations perpetrated by those who wanted to lynch a white police officer. Evidence in the final review deflated the Brown myth and displayed a police officer who was doing his job. Yet the race baiters would not let go as the facts emerged to squelch their politically charged rhetoric. http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2014/11/us/ferguson-grand-jury-docs/index.html

Oprah Winfrey stated that older white people must die for racism to cease. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/11/15/oprah-racists-have-die-racism-end I take a different view. Words such as racism and racist are utilized to a large extent by those who have the most to gain from their expression. These are the people that need to be removed from the map to extinguish racial hatreds. Oprah has shown herself to be one of the greatest race manipulators in the history of this country. Her movies, speeches and media venues collectively use race to keep her presence fresh in the American mind. Younger generations will be able to move away from the racial divide when modern day evangelists of hate, like Oprah, discontinue their emotionally charged verbiage or die off. Until then society will continue to be mentally and physically segregated.

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Radio Guest

1 Dec
Guest on the JJ. McCartney radio program today at 3pm EST. A wide range of issues will be explored from Ferguson to ISIS.

Ferguson: Aftermath

28 Nov

Ferguson: aftermath
We are visualizing forces that want to undermine civilized society itself. Guns are a minimal part of the message to be taken from Ferguson. Barbaric behaviors innate to this population surface when life does not go in the direction they want.

Barbarism clashes with reality in Ferguson

27 Nov

Barbarism clashes with reality in Ferguson

Michael Brown was both a victim and victimizer in a society fueled by racism. Fuzzy reporting by elite left wing media outlets created a myth behind the death of a youth whose life was extinguished too early. Concentrating on race not reality media sources elevated Brown to Sainthood when the facts pointed in another direction. Absconding with a box of cigarillos, after a confrontation with the manager of a convenience store, Brown and fellow thief Dorian Johnson encountered police officer Darren Wilson. Many accounts of the subsequent interlude with Officer Wilson are murky. As the evidence worked its way through the investigatory process a picture emerged of a hostile young man and a determined police officer. Descriptions of an innocent child gunned down by a rogue cop were absolute nonsense. Fifteen weeks after Brown succumbed to Wilson’s fatal shot the Grand Jury’s findings were released. In their view Officer Wilson had probable cause to act in the fashion he did. Therefore no indictment would be forthcoming against him. In the aftermath members of the Ferguson community, egged on by outside agitators, deprived their small city of the sanity it deserved. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/25/us-usa-missouri-shooting-idUSKCN0J80PR20141125

Two nights of unrest followed the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict. Businesses were looted and burned to the ground. Automobiles were set ablaze as the mob continued its rampage across town. Assaults, too numerous to count, set the stage for intense police and state militia involvement where dozens were arrested for their barbaric acts. Though the consequences of the decision were highly predictable police response to the initial rioting was minimal. Questions have arisen whether the police were told to stand down during the hours after the Grand Jury spoke their collective minds. Subsequently political voices filled the airwaves encouraging calm in the wake of this decision. President Obama’s message to the protesters contained nebulous dialogue which, on the surface, appeared to encourage violent outbursts by the crowds. As other community leaders voiced their concerns many appeared to accept violence as part of the process to heal a fragmented city. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-26/obama-says-anger-over-ferguson-outcome-no-excuse-for-violence.html

Discussions throughout social media circles were harsh on both sides of this issue. Many suggested Michael Brown was deprived of decent parenting therefore had no respect for authority or private property. Perspectives of others questioned whether the police could have managed their response in a less insidious format. No one denied Brown’s initial criminal offense, yet some tried to diminish its value in a larger frame of reference. Was Brown a victim of circumstance and bad parenting which led to his death or is he the poster boy for crime endemic in many of our cities across the country? The latter can only be reconciled when communities and their guardians exchange ideas not bullets in their search for peaceful solutions to issues.

Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services, www.daviswritingservices.com  Dr. Davis’ most recent book is, Obamacare;

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